Habits are hard to break and it seems the longer we continue, the harder it is to change them. A recent survey revealed some of the top habits of the British, so I thought I’d explore some of our traditional habits as Americans. Here’s my top 5

Breakfast: Let’s start with breakfast because most of us have a routine at the start of our day, while some people can skip breakfast and just have coffee or juice, I have to eat something before I head out to work, and that can range from cereal or a bagel, to stuffed peppers or pizza.
 Driving To Work: Most Americans take the same route to work each day, since I leave so early (3:30am) I don’t encounter much traffic, but when I leave work I like to take the scenic country route back to my home.
Clothing: Many Americans choose the same type of clothing, jeans, relaxed fit, boot cut, stretch waste bands, dockers, etc, same for the ladies in which types of dresses, shoes, slacks. we like what we like, and occasionally a situation will arise like a gift, or maybe a spouse will get us something out of our comfort zone. When I met my wife she bought me some different clothes and I actually changed some of my wardrobe to clothes I probably never would have worn.
Hair: Hair style is another hard habit to break although I have seen many people change the way they wear it, I shave my head but I’m bald on top and I grew tired of paying for something I could do myself.
Food: How many times have you heard the words ‘eat healthy, watch your portion control, don’t eat while watching TV,  blah blah blah. I like certain types of food and I try to eat healthy, but on occasion I’ll eat chicken wings along with other bad food and I like to eat in front of the TV.

I’m sure there are many other habits that can be explored in American culture after all we are the melting pot of diversity in many ways, including our habits.