Goodbye 2012.

We've seen and experienced good times and bad times during the past twelve months,  personally, professionally and around the world.
So much can change and occur in one year.

I don't reflect on what's occurred over the past twelve months from January to December, rather I tend to sum up things every six months beginning in May.
Yes this may sound strange, but on the day I open up camp in May, I reflect on the past six months of my life, and again at the end of October when I close up camp.
I sit and think what will the next half year bring?

Since I began doing this, it has truely amazed me how much has happened and changed in and around my life in six short months.
You'd be surprized also.
Six months seems so short a time, but we really do pack a lot of life into it, both good and not so good.
It could be a new job, promotion, home, car, birth of a child or grandchild - all good mixed in with the sad - maybe loss of a job, financial troubles, loss of a family member or pet, etc.
It's all a part of life, and it changes so quickly.

Whether you reflect on the past and the future every 6 months, 12 months or not at all, here's hoping 2013 has more good than not so good for you and your family.

2012 is gone.
Put it in the record books.
Welcome 2013, we're ready for you.

Happy New Year from 99.1 The Whale - Big Wally, Lee Ann Taylor, Holly Dagger, Kat, Rick Daniels, Seth Michaels and me, Don Morgan!