Americans love their dogs! Over half the households in the US have at least one dog and we spend billions to pamper them.

Today is National Dog Day, so let's play a little longer, pet a little more and feed a little healthier starting today.

Meanwhile, here are 5 of the coolest famous dogs ever.


  • 1


    I grew up with Benji and cried many a tear over him. 1977 saw his debut.

  • 2


    The original lassie was actually a boy. Who doesn't love this collie?

  • 3

    Eddie from Frasier

    Eddie was one funny pup! I think he got more laughs than any of the humans on the show.

  • 4

    Buck from Married...with Children

    He was the coolest dog in the '80s. But what a bad family he had! Really...he was...

  • 5

    Duke - Bush's Baked Beans

    Yes, a commercial dog made the list!