Meet Betsy. She's my car and a tough little cookie. Yes, I did name my car!

Lee Ann Taylor

I figure she should have a name since she shuttles me around through any weather. I spend a lot of time with her and take care of her. Betsy is family. I must not be the only one, otherwise Name Your Car Day wouldn't exist.

Roger Neel, my co-worker from WNBF, named his compact car "Pocket Rocket". A friend named his "Christine" after the car in the movie.

When naming your car, make sure it fits the personality. If it's a sports car, make it a strong name. Huge vehicle, you can add humor like calling it "Tiny". Remember to name carefully, vehicles have feelings! You don't want him/her to let you break down in the middle of no where, do you?

According to, these are the top names for cars in the UK. There's no list for the U.S. of A.



Pretty bland if you ask me! If you don't want to come up with a name, you can always ask the Car Name Generator.

Share your vehicles name here when you are done!