They say that the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Well, the quickest way to a woman's bedroom is through the kitchen. That's right guys. If you want it in the bedroom, you gotta do it in the kitchen! says a new study showed 75 percent of people asked said preparing a meal was a significant act of love. that lead to a significant show of "appreciation" (if you know what I mean).

What better reason do you need than that to improve your kitchen skills? It's not like she will make you cook all the time. You can pull this trick out when you are in the doghouse or want to celebrate a special day.

There's another reason you'll like cooking too: you get to play with fire!

Before you head into the kitchen, read up on what you need to know. That way, you won't ruin the cooking effort by having her clean every pot in the room because you used the wrong ones the first 3 times. The more you know, the less equipment you'll use.

To give you a big helping hand, we even have our Taste of Home cooking school coming up.