Retired Greyhounds are amazing creatures.
They make for a great addition to the family for most.
How do I know of this?
It's because I currently have two of my own, have adopted several Greyhounds over the past 10 years, and foster with the intention of finding them that 'Forever Home.'
There are many misconceptions concerning Greyhounds.
For example, they are not high strung, do not require tons of exercise, don't make much noise (it's takes too much energy to bark) and shed very little.
They mostly want to be loved...and fed.

FYI guys, they also seem to be a chick magnet.
Not the best reason to adopt one, but you will get stopped a lot during walks!
Want to know more reasons to adopt a Retired Greyhound?
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There are many adoption agencies across the country (and the world) who work with racetracks to transition Retired Greyhounds from racing to 'Forever Homes.'
For more information, and to look at some Greyhounds up for adoption in our area, you can check out Monica's Heart Greyhound Adoption, which is the group that I work with.