We live in the Northeast.
Snow and ice storms are the norm for this time of year.
It's a fact of our life.

So why, when a weather event is forecast, do some people seem to go to extremes, running to the store to stock up on supplies as if we are going to be stuck in our homes for weeks on end before calm returns?
I don't know.
It's especially funny if you happen to be south of the Pennsylvania border where an inch or two of snow brings the entire state to a sudden panic (yes, Maryland, DC and points further south, I'm talking to you.)

I remember watching the morning news a few years back while visiting friends in Washington DC during a "'snow event.'
The entire focus on the news was about the two inches of snow forecast, and how it would cause school cancellations, shutting down businesses, services and such.
Made me laugh.
Hell, I've got my four wheel drive ready to go, so just get out of my way!

Here's a guy who must agree with me, and decided to poke a bit of fun on this subject.