Ah, the lack of sunlight.
It's not a good thing in my opinion.
This time of year, we get the least amount of it, and with Daylight Saving Time about to clock in at 2am Sunday November 3rd, we'll see even less, depending of course what hours of the day or night your eyelids are open.

Yes folks, it's time again to set your clocks BACK one hour, and bid adieu to DST.
By the way, for some reason, I keep referring to it as 'Daylight Savings Time', but the 's' on Savings should not be there.
How many people make that mistake?

Eastern Standard Time is what we will be immersed in for the next four and a half months.
Did you know there are parts of the U.S. and territories that do not observe any time change?
They include Arizona, except the Navajo Nation, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam and American Samoa.
No exhausting chore of changing a slew of clocks twice a year for them!
There's been talk of staying on DST, but no concrete plans to do so.

Anyway, enjoy that extra hour of sleep or partying or whatever odd thing you may engage in during the overnight.
Goodbye light, hello darkness.