My husband has a disease that forces him to be gluten free. It's not Celiac, but an autoimmune disease. For the last 2 plus years, I have been researching and trying to keep gluten out of the house. It's not as easy as you think.

Most people think gluten is strictly in food; not true. It is in everything from medicine to makeup to household products. Shampoo has it, lipstick, many medicines, paper towels, tissues and toilet paper. That's right. Toilet paper! I was floored when I found that out last Friday.

Why in the world is it in tp? It's a binding agent. To keep that annoying dust, that I am sure you have seen in tissues, from being too great, wheat flour is used to bind it to the paper and the tp roll is coated with it too.

On the hunt to find toilet paper we could use, I had to go through pages of info on the internet. One company uses corn starch in its products. Just one and we already use it. Kimberly Clark was also kind enough to make sure that the website knows it.

It explains why our toilet paper smells like corn chips!

The lesson to be learned; assume everything has gluten in it until you fully research every brand of every single item you use in your house. My hunt continues. If you need more information on where gluten lies, check here.