Sometime honoring your parents goes hand in hand with charity. That is especially true for Town of Owego Supervisor Don Castellucci.

Don lost his father, Don Sr., to cancer and lymphoma. He remembers the transfusions his dad got and how important it was to donate blood.

After his father passed, he wanted to honor him, so he started a blood drive. In it's 17th year, you can honor someone in your life by giving. Don Jr. mentioned to me that his family appreciated all that was done for his parents and this is their way of giving back.

The drive, in memory of Donald and Grace Castellucci Sr. is going on now through 6;30 tonight. There is even a free rigatoni and meatball dinner to all participating donors!

You can donate by stopping by the Owego Elks Club, 223 Front Street, in the main hall.

Why should you donate besides to help out? Well, because your blood goes a long way and stays in the region. Did you know that very blood donation helps three people? Three! This is truly the gift money can't buy. Thank you.