Gilligan's Island was one of those cheesy, but fun shows to watch. Being stranded was plausible, but most of episodes weren't. Still, we could imagine what it would be like. And we felt for the characters.

Josh Gad, who was a correspondant on The Daily Show and was in the movie Jobs, has decided to helm the rebirth of this iconic TV show. I am going to safely say that he will be the Skipper. Since it's his movie, he gets to pick which role he takes.

But who should play the rest of the castaways?

In case you don't remember, there was
The Professor
Mary Ann
Mr. Howell
Mrs. Howell

Personally, I think William Shatner could be Mr. Howell and JIm Parsons (Sheldon on Big Bang Theory) would make a cool Gilligan. After thought, Charlize Theron would be a good Ginger. Or even Sofia Vergara! For Mary Ann, I would go with someone like a toned down Mila Kunis.And maybe Ben Stiller as the Professor.

Comment on who you would like to see in these roles! In case you need help, here are some clips from the original TV show.