As of noon today, the Chenango Street Cheerio will be open for business... so the betting lines are now open......
1st fender bender involving 18-year-old in a crappy blue 2000 to 2005 Nissan Maxima... 25-1
Elderly woman hits curb and blows tire.... 15-1
Broome Transit Bus takes down first sign before end of next week 10-1.
10-feet tall and bulletproof males seeing how many times they can navigate raceway, before getting kicked off (um, what time is it?) 2-1

I have to admit that the Downtown Binghamton Roundabout looks great, is beautiful and may work out better than I had ever imagined. BUT... It is my  opinion that just because NYS has money to go toward a project, It doesn't mean you have to accept that money IF IT'S A STUPID IDEA. Let me explain...
1) New Jersey had these things and they ripped 'em out cause they didn't work good with Jersey Shore mentality.
2) Tractor trailers, buses and snowplows will have a more difficult time navigating the Chenango Street Cheerio.
3) It will help speed traffic along to its destination.
WAIT... why is speeding people to their destination a bad thing? ... WELLLLLLLL....
Say I owned Big Wally's Emporium of Salsa, BBQ Sauce and Used Milk Cow Mats, at the corner of Exchange Street and Chenango Street. With a traffic light at the corner, it would allow people the time, while sitting waiting for the light to change, to check out my fabulous Salsa, BBQ and Used Milk Cow Mats. They may even say... what's a used Milk Cow Mat and "I need to have one of those bad boys."  Then they make a left hand turn, find a place to park, and come into my fine establishment to make a Used Milk Cow Mat purchase. They may even make several impulse buys of items I have near the counter... such as bb bats, and sphymomanometers. So... ringing up that purchase. 1) Used Milk Cow Mat $59.95, 2) 3 bb bats 33 cents (11 cents each), and 3) 1 Prestige Medical Aneroid Sphygmomanometer with Adult Cuff & Matching Carrying Case $37.98. A Total sale of $98.25!   YEA!

That with the Chenango Street Cheerio open, that sale would have sped on past Big Wally's Emporium of Salsa, BBQ Sauce and Used Milk Cow Mats... and now
THANKS TO MATT RYAN........................WE ARE OUTTA BUSINESS!    :-(