I think the American workplace has a problem. I read the results of a Gallup poll yesterday and was shocked. 70 percent of workers are either actively disengaged or "checked out" at work. So, only 30 percent of workers are thinking "yeah! I love work!". That mutual loyalty between employee and employer is gone.

My question, and one I am sure is going to be looked at, is why. I think I know part of it. When the benefits got bled out of the workplace to cut costs, the enthusiasm got bled out. There are no real pensions anymore and if workers do have a 401k, they don't have the money to add to it (and matches don't exist). Insurance has gone up and people are doing the job of at least 2 people as cuts continue.

Honestly, the biggest reason would be, from what I see around me, that many people feel like cattle. They aren't heard, seen or acknowledged by management. The perception is the "fat cats" get fatter off the backs of the people.

All in all, people are tired of working to stay above water. They want a life with financial breathing room. When they have to work 2 jobs or more to make that happen, why wouldn't they check out?

I don't know what the answer is to fix the prevailing workplace gloom, but it certainly needs to be addressed. I have always been blessed to love what i do and I hope others can too.

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