It's always fun welcoming a new member to a work family, and in radio we get a little crazy with it. Sometimes we haze, sometimes we do evil little things like unplug their mics. You get the idea.

Well, we here at the Whale are still contemplating what we want to do.

1. Give him a gold plated "No No" hair remover. Then we realized he already had one!

2. Honor him with a fruitcake. Nothing says "we like you" more than a fruit cake.

3. Make him play a Donny Osmond song instead of Zeppelin.

4. Have him do a "special weather" report outside during the next snow storm.

Or we could be nice and give him a Doug theme weekend. What do you recommend we do to welcome Doug?

(In all seriousness, we are very happy to bring Doug into the fold!)