Sadly, my hubby and I learned that yesterday. We have a crawl space under our kitchen. The kitchen is where the main pipes are. The kitchen is cold. Why we didn't put two and two and two together I have no idea!

I usually either make lunch or do dishes as soon as I get home. Yesterday was dish day. I turned on the kitchen faucet and there was not a drop of cold water. The hot water was running fine, so I opened the cabinets, turned on our gas fireplace and hoped for the best. This morning I checked and there is still no cold water. Drat!

Here is what I now know; we need to wrap our pipes. Of course, no one in there right mind would do it at this point. That's a spring job. We have to insulate the crawl space. That is costly, so it's on the back burner. And we have to unfreeze the pipes. Salamander heater time!

Do yourself a favor and don't put home improvements like this off. It will give you nothing but headaches later. Hoping for a warm winter just doesn't work.