This is the biggest weekend of the year for football in America. The big game where the two teams that survive the season and playoff face off. Oh yeah!

But, do you really know football? We're about to find out. The answers will be posted on Sunday morning, so you have enough time to test your knowledge. No cheating by looking up the answers!

1. What year did the American Football League and National Football League merge?

2. Who won the first Super Bowl?

3. Who was the winning quarterback in the first Super Bowl?

4. Football began in 1869. What key component in football was not allowed in the first 37 years?

5. A simultaneous 2-man catch is awarded to whom?

6. What does it mean when the referee puts one hand behind his back, bent at the elbow?

7. Which two teams were playing during the famous "Heidi" game in 1968?

8. You can run into a kicker if you touch the ball, if you don't touch the ball, what's the penalty?