Some kids keep vandalizing the American flags on a local bridge and as I saw one of flags hanging torn yesterday, it gave me inspiration.

Saturday is Flag Day. It commemorates the anniversary of our adoption, back in 1777, of "Old Glory." Though the appearance has changed, the flag continues to be the symbol that Adam Goodheart described best:

"strips of cloth that millions of people would fight for and many thousands die for."

I was surprised to know that most schools do not teach about flag etiquette. The flag is a cornerstone of this country, but very few know what is important about it! Huh.

Flag Day observances are usually held by organizations like the American Legion, VFW and Boy Scouts. There is probably one taking place in your town!

The main part of these ceremonies are the proper retirement and disposal of American flags.This a dignified and beautiful ceremony where tattered and old flags are burned. There is a proper way to do that

There are many rules about the flag. How and when to fly them, when to retire them, how to fold them, and of course, how to respect them. Click here to read the proper care.

As you celebrate your Dad this weekend, please don't forget to honor our flag as well!