Spring has officially been in force for a week now. Temperature-wise, Winter has said otherwise, and of course, those of you who were hit by another snowstorm, Spring is nowhere to be found.

Well, I have seen some signs of Spring, and that makes me happy. What exactly am I talking about? Well, these five reasons, to be exact.

  • 1


    Yep. This past weekend, the Sun was shining, and I witnessed several motorcycles out on the roads. You know it's a good Spring day when bikers are out for a ride. Time to crank up Born To Be Wild as you motor down the highway.

    Stephen Mcsweeny, ThinkStock
  • 2

    Ice Cream Stands

    They are opening! Ice cream stands are opening up already. I thought we wouldn't see this happen until early to mid-April, but I'm not complaining! Bring on the Black Raspberry, my favorite...in a waffle cone, please.

  • 3

    Green Stuff Growing Above Ground

    Something green and soon to be leafy is beginning to pop up in my backyard. That's usually the first sign of Spring I notice. The downside? I soon will have to mow it down...again and again.

    konmesa, ThinkStock
  • 4

    Pond Fish are Moving

    I have a small pond in the backyard  with Koi and Goldfish. Well, at least I did have a Koi. Unfortunately, he did not survive the Winter. He did live a long life. I think he was at least 20 years old. No I didn't flush him down the toilet. He was too big.

    anurakpong, ThinkStock
  • 5

    Mud is Everywhere

    Now that the snow has melted, and the ground is softening up, my backyard is full of mud, thanks to my Greyhounds. You know how fast they can run, so of course, I can't stop them quick enough as they fly through the back door , and leave mud prints all over the house. Oh well, that's a good sign of Spring, I guess.

    Don Barens, ThinkStock