Camping season is almost here.
How do I know this?
I have a camping season countdown clock on my desk.
May 1st is the day for me.
I will be at the campground where my travel trailer sits, setting everything back up and running so come the weekend, I will be ready to enjoy the 21014 season.

Now, let me clarify one thing.
I used to tent camp, and roughed it out a lot more than I do these days.
Now, I have as travel trailer with plenty of the amenities you would find in a home.
And I'm proud it it.
Easy to set up, and many of the added comforts, but that's just me.
You may have different ideas of camping, and that's fine.

I have many reasons in favor of camping, but that would take a while, so I have listed five good reasons to start with, and by the way, you will find me at this weekend's 8th annual RV and Camper Show at the Binghamton University Events Center.
Get more info by clicking on the blue button below, and happy camping!

  • 1

    Get Outdoors

    There's nothing like being outside on a beautiful day/night, enjoying the beauty of nature. The air is fresh and crisp. The scenery around you is amazing!

  • 2


    Sitting around a campfire with family and friends, some food and beverage is priceless. Story-telling, laughing, drinking...what a way to spend an evening!

  • 3

    Making New Friends

    Where I camp, there's always someone stopping by, introducing themselves and becoming campground friends. They don't hesitate to help you with any issues. You will never meet any kinder/ friendlier people on the planet.

  • 4

    Camp Activities

    Many campgrounds have weekend activities for all ages from Bingo, to kids games, music, movies and much more. There's a lot of fun to pack into your camping weekend.

  • 5

    Stress Reliever

    No matter where you camp, how you camp, what you camp with (tent, RV, travel trailer) the experience is a major stress reliever. Sitting around a campfire with friends, family, a sky full of stars, warm weather, maybe a cold beer, and no work to think about, it is a feeling unlike any other.