It's amazing all the new features being introduced in cars that are now rolling off the assembly lines.
We know have built-in GPS systems, rear view cameras and computer systems on the dashboard to name a few.

But what's disappearing?
According to "Fortune Magazine" here are five features that you may see disappear from cars in the near future.

Many New vehicles will forgo the key for key-less entry and "start" buttons are beginning to show up in some models.

When's the last time you had a crank window? Automatic windows are the norm now.

Have you noticed that your radio antenna has shrunk? It's been replaced by a shorter one that and also handle your mobile phone and GPS signals.

Stick shift. I love manual transmission, and so do the Brits, but apparently not so much in the USA. Yea, it will always be available, but it's an Automatic America these days, and the difference in cost is minimal.

Emergency brakes are being replaced by "Hill Hold" - an electronic feature that automatically sets the brake when you're stopped on a hill. When you touch the gas, it releases.

Technology, it continues to evolve and like it or not, it's taking us with it!