Just because you popped the top on a cold one last night, doesn't mean you're a beer connoisseur, but if you really want to be considered a beer connoisseur, it all begins with knowledge. Get ready because we're about to lay on you five random facts about beer you probably never knew. Be prepared to be amazed and to amaze your friends when you spill this knowledge.

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    The art of studying and making beer has a real name and it's 'zythology.'

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    The First Drunk

    According to Gizmodo, the very first drunk driver was a guy who was riding a chariot in ancient Egypt around 2,000 B.C.  He ran over a woman and in turn, was crucified on the door of the tavern where he'd been drinking. Yikes!

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    Beer's Connection to Pot

    Guess what? Popular Science says that the hops in beer come from the same family of flowers as marijuana.

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    IPA Beer Isn't a New Thing

    Think IPA beer is a new, "hipster" thing? Nope. It's actually been around since the 1700s. When the British tried to ship beer to India (by sailing all the way around Africa) it would go bad.  So what they did was add extra hops, which made the beer more powerful and bitter. Those beers were known as India Pale Ales or IPAs.

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    There are some people who legitimately suffer from the fear of an empty beer glass and they're known as suffering from 'cenosillicaphobia.' Suffer from this? Here's a t-shirt for you.