Do you know anyone who loves to air their private grievances on Facebook or other Social Media?

What you say on the Internet is FOREVER.  It is in the public domain and can be viewed by anyone.   People seem to believe that things you write on Facebook cannot be seen by anyone who is not your friend.  LOL.... That is simply not true.

While Facebook has security measures, it does not offer complete privacy.   What you post on a friends wall  can be viewed by others who are not on your friend list simply because they are on the list of your friend.

Also, McFly, anyone who is friends with you can simply send that 'Dirty Laundry Dish,' to the person you were airing your grievance about. I have to laugh because Facebook 'Double-Agents,' are on the job making sure those who were not supposed to see certain negative vibes, see them fully.

My mother, God rest her soul, taught me that we don't ever air our dirty laundry in public.  If you have a beef with someone, then you should go to that person and deal with it, and you keep that conversation behind closed doors.

I'm sure other Mom's and Dad's taught their kids this same message. Bad mouthing someone online, is just un-classy, mean and cowardly.

So why then do people use Facebook, Twitter and other social media to air their dirty laundry in public? Do you know anyone who does this? Do you have any examples?