This is a patriotic week, so we should do something patriotic like support our USA soccer team in their attempt to win the World Cup.

The catch is, the game starts at 4 pm today. What to do? If you leave work at around 3;30, you should be covered, but stick around and you'll miss everything!

Well, I guess you need to pull a good excuse to leave early out of your hat. Here are some ideas:

1. My air conditioning broken. There are two ways to go here. Either the "I am very concerned for the health of my elderly pet (insert name here). I really should go and check on him/her." Or "due to the current heat wave, I really need to replace it right away."

2. My _______(insert family member here) called. The car broke down on them and I have to pick them up.

3. The illness route. I would go with feeling like you need to barf.

4. You have an appointment with a doctor, dentist, etc.

5. If you have a cool boss, don't use an excuse. Just ask. That won't work most of the time.

Remember that if you you use an excuse, there will be follow up questions to answer. Don't get too detailed, just be vague. And practice the answers!

Go Team USA!