Spring is here. Kind of. So, naturally it is time for Spring fever and playing hooky. I'm not condoning it, however, if you must "cut" work, be armed with this knowledge.

You don't need to tell the boss why you are calling off work. Thanks to cool HIPPA laws and such, employers also can't ask, unless you are out for a couple days straight. Then they can demand a doctor's note. So, don't wrack your brain trying to come up with a brilliant excuse.

If you feel you must give an excuse, try not to use these gems careerbuilder.com has compiled:

1. Bats got in your hair.

2, The refrigerator fell on you.

3. You ate too much at a party.

4. You hurt your back chasing a beaver (or other wild animal).

5. You drank antifreeze by mistake and ended up in the hospital.

6. A relative was kidnapped by a drug cartel while vacationing in Mexico.

7. And my favorite: you got a cold from your dog.

What's the weirdest excuse you've given?