There are several things about this performance I like and several I dislike. Let's get the bad stuff over first. One of my dance teachers, Helena, and I talk about the way you portray yourself making a big difference in terms of the vibe you give off while you are on stage.

In Banbury's case, even in the beginning, when she has all of her clothes on, the expression on her face and the way she moves her body seems to portray that she is "easy." To me, a burlesque performer is supposed to make you earn it, and want it. You can't possibly want or earn anything if it is given to you up front! (Ladies take notes).

What I do like about her performance is that when she takes a piece of clothing off, such as her skirt, corset, and bra, she does this facing the back of the stage to tease the crowd. The audience is excited she removed a piece of clothing but frustrated they can't see her goodies yet. To add to this anticipation, when she turned around after she took these items off, she held them in front of her body, waited for the audience to react before tossing the article of clothing to the side and showing what she had to offer. This part was done very well, I commend her.

Do you agree or disagree with my points?