Spiedie Fest kicks off on Friday and I can't wait! Before we rock out to Night Ranger at 7:30 pm, the first balloon launch of the weekend happens.

I have seen hot air balloons before, but never as close up as at Spiedie Fest! You can reach out and touch them if you wanted to. To see them launch one by one into the blue sky is breath taking. This will be my fourth Fest and it never gets old.

Have you ever taken in the launches? Or have you gone straight for the food and music? if you have taken the balloons for granted, make it a point to see them go up this year. You will be glad you did. You can even schedule a ride in one! Schedule the ride here.

So you don't miss a launch, the schedule is Friday at 6:30 pm with the night glow at 8:00 pm then Saturday and Sunday at 6:30 am and pm. Of course, it is weather permitting.

I hear there is a cool peanut balloon this year. I hope the American Flag balloon returns too.

For the full Spiedie Fest schedule, click here.