Congrats to Elissa Case for being named this year's Favorite Vocalist of the Southern Tier!

At the age of 14, Elissa has quite the soulful voice for one so young. Elissa is currently working with Jeff DaBella of Mansion Audio on releasing her first cd this fall. Elissa is currently performing in the Southern Tier in support of her upcoming album. This Friday she will be at The Art Mission Theater at 7pm and on Saturday August 17th she will be performing at the Zion Church in Greene at 6:30pm.

Big thank you to everyone that voted and participated in this contest and congratulations to our first runner up, Sonny Weeks and our second runner up, Ethan Nealy for making it as far as you did. This contest would not be possible without my listeners and everyone who supports local music in the Southern Tier so THANK YOU and keep on supporting local music!