Today is election day! We may not have a President or Governor to vote for, but your vote is necessary and counts even in "off" years".

The polls are open until 9 pm and if you need information or are not sure where your polling place is, you can call these places for help:

Broome County Board of Elections 778-2172.
Tioga County Board of Elections 687-8261.

I have come up with reasons why you should vote.

1. No matter if they serve on local, county, state or federal government; these people are using your hard earned money. What is more important that having the "lesser of the evils" spending your money properly?

2. If you don't vote, you can't bitch. You get this one!

3. Propositions are as important as who you elect.

4. One vote can make a difference! You may not think so, but trust me, it does.

5. Local governments are more important in shaping your world than even the federal government. What happens there always directly affects your life and you feel the impacts immediately.

6. It is expected that only 25 percent of residents in the area will vote. So one quarter of your town's residents will decide everything for you today. In Binghamton and Johnson City, that means that small amount of people will choose the mayor! Are you kidding me? I would never leave those decisions to that few a group!

Get out there and vote.