Umphrey's McGee an improvisational jam band with a broad range of influences of the likes of Dream Theater, Phish, Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin. Their live performances are comparable to the Grateful Dead and Phish in that they do two sets a night, improvise on stage and have an open taping policy. Forming in December of 1997 at Notre Dame University, they started with four members, a bassist, drummer, keyboardist and guitarist/vocalist then grew to six by adding a percussionist and a second guitarist. Umphrey's has five live albums, six studio albums and one greatest hits volume. My person favorite songs of theirs are Bright Lights, Big City below and Women, Wine and Song. Let me know what you think of their tasty tasty jams!


Upcoming shows:

Thursday October 18, 2012 in Rochester, NY

Friday October 19, 2012 in Pittsburgh, PA