The Ohio duo, The Black Keys formed in 2001 and has produced seven albums to date. The recent album being El Camino which the song below, "Little Black Submarines" is off of. This album is one of, if not my absolute favorite album that has come out this year. From the moment it was in my cd player, it did not come out for at least a month. Every song reeks of raw talent and the entire album flows and explodes together to well it is quite addicting. I picked "Little Black Submarines" to feature because it reminds me a little of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven." The song starts off slow and acoustic, builds until it is a full out electric rock kick in the face that leaves you wanting more. The song appears to be about a man on drugs or in a coma trying to get back to his family and friends as he is lost in either the high or the coma. This is just an assumption from the lyrics but give it a listen and maybe