Canadian artist Serena Ryder, born in 1982, has been singing since she was 7 and playing guitar since she was just 11. The singer songwriter also boasts an impressive three octave vocal range.

Considered folk/indie rock, her music has been playing on alternative, indie, rock, top 40, and adult contemporary radio stations. Her last album, Harmony, was written after she fell in love and featured her hit single "Stompa." You can expect to hear her newest single "What I wouldn't Do"  very soon if you haven't already.

Ryder has a natural, earthy feel to her music that makes one feel like they are back home. While she has recently gained popularity, she has played with many veterans such as Aerosmith, Three Days Grace, Melissa Etheridge, and even been featured on Bruce Springsteen's website. Ryder has five studio albums, five EP's and four live albums. Her last album, Harmony was released in 2012. Listen to "Stompa" below and let us know what you think!