Alternative rock band Placebo formed in England in 1994. Founders Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal met at a tube station and started talking after Molko noticed the guitar strapped to Olsdal's back. They hit it off, Olsdal went to see one of Molko's shows shortly after their meeting and the two formed Ashtray Heart.

After switching around drummers for some time, they finally settled on Steve Forrest and renamed the band Placebo. Placebo was named to sort of mock that fact that many bands were being named after drugs. In Latin, the word placebo means "I will please."

Seven studio albums later, the band is still going strong. All of their albums, including Loud Like Love released in September of this year have reached the Top 20 in the English charts.

I have put their new single and title track off of their CD below and also an older song that has been features in movies and tv here and there. See if you recognize the older tune and let me know what you think of the new one as well.For more information on the band click here.