First and foremost, I wanted to acknowledge Dimebag Darrell as an amazing musician and like many other fans, I will not forget the day he was shot and killed by an unstable fan. Thank you for your contribution to metal, music in general and may you rest in peace.

For those of you that aren't familiar with Pantera's work, they formed in Texas in the early 80's and continued to make music until 2000. Originally, brothers Darrell and Vinnie Paul, guitarist and drummer, respectively, formed the band and then recruited bassist Rex Brown and vocalist Terry Glaze who was later replaced by Phil Anselmo in 1987. The band split in 2003 because of drug and personality issues with brothers Paul and Darrell forming Damageplan. Damageplan toured until Darrell's death on December 8th, 2004 and smashed any hopes of a Pantera union.

Below is their most popular song "Walk" which I think many can relate to but I encourage you to check out other songs by the band as well. Get ready for your world to be officially rocked!