If you are a sucker for jazz music and great female voices, this one is for you.

I first came across this song from one of my dance teachers, Erin which she is using for our jazz number and I absolutely loved it! I decided to buy the whole album and look into Gardot as an artist after our first couple rehearsals and could not believe the incredible story I found.

Gardot has been playing piano since she was nine and played in bars starting at the age of sixteen. Unfortunately, in 2003, she got into an accident riding her bicycle in Philadelphia by getting hit by a vehicle. She suffered a broken tailbone, brain and spinal injuries. Because of this incident, Gardot was forced to lay in bed for nearly a year and had to relearn simple tasks such as walking and talking.

her doctor thought music may help her brain remember how to connect pathways as she was having problems with short and long term memory. since she could not sit comfortably at a piano, she learned to play guitar on her back, started off humming, and eventually began to sing and write her own songs.

Gardot now has an LP under her belt, two albums and a live album as well. She is very sensitive to sight and sound since her accident, thus why her music has a soft relaxing feel too it and why she is always wearing dark sunglasses. Beautiful, talented and not just overcoming but crushing the unthinkable after her accident, I can't find any reason NOT to listen to Ms. Gardot and/or how one could not be inspired by this incredible woman!