Sixteen year old Ella Yelich- O'Connor of New Zealand, better known as Lorde, was discovered by a Universal A & R talent scout at the age of twelve and signed to the label at thirteen. She sent several years working on her songwriting and image before releasing her debut EP The Love Club in May 2013.

For someone so young, it is clear that she is much more mature and wise than the typical sixteen year old. Her lyrics and sound are unique as is her image. You don't see Lorde prancing around half dressed as Miley does and to me, that stands out. Furthermore, most of her videos are simplistic enough that it allows one to focus more on her music than her image.

In May 2013, Lorde's song "Royals" debuted at No. 1 on the New Zealand Top 40 charts and stayed there for approximately three weeks. In June, she became the first woman since Tracy Bonham in 1996 to top the Bilboard Alternative Songs charts in the United States.

Lorde's second EP The Tennis Court came out in June 2013 and her debut album Pure Heroine is due out this month. Let me know what you think of her sound and check out her single "Royals" playing now on alternative and Top 40 radio.