Iron & Wine is actually just one man. Samuel Beam to be exact. While Beam can't do everything, he does write all of his own songs and plays and sings on his own albums. After his first album, he did utilize other musicians and groups as backing.

Beam grew up in South Carolin and currently lives in Texas near Austin with his wife and children.Before breaking into the music realm, Beam taught cinematography and film at the University of Miami and Miami International School of Art & Design. One of his friends gave him a four track recorder, he recorded a couple songs, and through his song "Dead Man's Will" garnered the attention of Sub-Pop Records co-owner Jonathon Poneman who offered Beam a record deal.

Beam currently has 5 studio albums, 3 live albums, and 7 EP's under his belt. For more information on Beam click here and if you are interested in tour dates, click here! Below i picked my personal favorite song I've heard by him thus far "Cinder and Smoke." Let me know what you think below.