Carina Round comes to us from England. Wolverhampton to be exact. Her alternative rock is quite different from anything I have ever heard, which is why I'm a fan. In a day when so many artists sound the same, Round stands in a category all her own.

Her songs have been featured in many television shows such as American Horror Story, Vampire Diaries, GRIMM and many others. She is currently a touring member of Puscifer, Tool front man Maynard James Keyes band and has also helped them write and produce several albums.

Round has four solo albums, two EP's on top of four albums with Puscifer and one with The Early Winters. Round is currently on tour with Puscifer and working on new solo material. I put two videos on here of her work, "Do You" and "The Last Time."

"Do You" was featured on American Horror Story and is my favorite song of her thus far. "The Last Time" video is a work of art that was brilliantly directed. Take a look and a listen and let me know what you think below. Visit her website here for more on Carina!