Lettuce is in my top three favorite bands for a reason my friends. They are a jam, funk group from New York City off the label Royal Family Records. I have seen Lettuce numerous times and usually see them once or twice a year because I just can't get enough!  Primarily a 7 piece band, I have seen Lettuce bring 15 people on stage to jam with them and instead of sounding like chaos as one might expect, it was the most incredible and tasty jam one has ever heard. All of the musicians in Royal Family Records are so in tune to music and each other it is incredible to hear how well they connect with each other. I am in complete awe every time I hear them. They never cease to sit way back into the pocket and flow from one anthematic funky groove into the next.If you've never seen or heard of the band before, they are playing in New York City on October 20th and in Philadelphia November 2nd. Below is my favorite song of theirs to date - 'Makin' My Way Back Home' off their second studio album Rage. The newest album Fly was released earlier this year for the band's 20th anniversary.