This may be surprising but Ryan Gosling actually does things besides making the ladies swoon! I came across Dead Man's Bones when I was reading an article about current renaissance men and discovered Gosling had his own band. I decided, hey what the heck, if it's horrible at least I can look at his hot bod for the length of the song. Boy was I wrong. Not only was it not horrible, it was brilliant and unique! Teaming up with Zach Shields based on their love for ghosts, monsters and creating music, Dead Man's Bones was born. Gosling has a deep haunting voice which is accompanied by a the Silverlake Conservatory of Children's Choir and the various instruments Gosling and Shields chose to record all on their own.  As soon as the song started I was pulled in and could not contain my need for more. The eerie chanting harmonies of Dead Man's Bones are like nothing I have ever heard before and immediately take you to a dark mysterious place worth exploring.