Do you love eating Whoppers from Burger King? I love the Double Whoppers with cheese in all their flame broiled goodness.  They are messy and drippy and they get your shirt all messy. And trying to eat one while driving is... well, damn near dangerous! Till now!

Burger King in Puerto Rico just introduced a HANDS-FREE WHOPPER HOLDER. SERIOUSLY!

It looks like one of these Bob Dylan harmonica holders.  But instead of holding a harmonica, it holds a deliciously sloppy Whopper.  That way, you don't have to use your hands while you're feeding that hole under your nose.

Unfortunately they only manufactured 50 of them, and distributed them in Puerto Rico.  So you'll have to wait for one to get on Ebay or go to Mc Neil Music on Old Vestal Road, and fabricate your own