So yesterday I took a trip to Binghamton's First Ward, BUT IT WAS ON THE EAST SIDE!
'Lucy, you got some splainin to do....'


There's a little slice of Slovakia across from the former Cameo Theater on Robinson Street called, CZECH PLEEZE.


It is just one of the many restaurants participating in Restaurant Week here in Greater Binghamton. And if you don't drop by, you are really gonna have some 'splainin' to do!


First off, I have to say that Dan and his crew of finely honed folks, including Casey, Kathy and Howard have got it going on,  when it comes to making the best home made Slovak delicacies I have ever tasted. In fact, some advice for Dan, you better start planning on expanding because Czech Pleeze is gonna catch on like wildfire.


Big Wally

Before I even walk through the doors I could taste the Eastern European goodies with my nose!  I was looking forward to this!



I was greeted by the friendly faces of Casey and Kathy. The menu board behind the gals was filled with tantalizing morsels like homemade Pirohi, delicious City Chicken and  Mom's Holubpki. I could not decide, so I had the sampler platter that has each of the above, plus a side of the spicy mac n cheese.


The joint was packed with hungry customers and I figured it might take awhile to get served. Not So! I actually timed my Kathy-food delivery, by using the giant pocket watch mounted on the wall. It truly is a cool time piece.


And speaking of the walls at Czech Pleeze, they are a walk back in a time with photos of Greater Binghamton past. There is a photo the the Cameo Theater, with a huge line of movie goers waiting to see 'Star Trek; The Movie,' from 1979. A line that could have included myself and my best friend, Tim Snopek.


The customer stream kept coming in for the home made Slovak specialties, while was like a kid in a Halushka shop, looking at the photos of Binghamton past, including a very special one of then Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, giving the Harpur College Students the 'Rockefeller Salute!' (also known as flipping the bird and giving the finger)


Big Wally

I'm gonna have to go back to finish browsing all the photos, because my food came out so fast. Good thing too, 'cause I was a hungry, hungry, Wally.  I gotta tell you, it was all very, very tasty.  I started with the bean soup, then hit the sampler platter with authority! Then finished off the meal with the cookie platter than contained some unbelievable Kolachkies! Yummo!


Big Wally

I most definitely will be heading back to Czech Pleeze on Robinson Street, across from the Cameo Theater. There's a whole bunch of nostalgia photos of Binghamton past, including the UFO seen over Binghamton North High, and a kitchen full of Slovak goodies yet to try.  Including one I'm sure all Whale listeners will most likely want to try. Any idea what I may be talking about?


Big Wally


Restaurant week continues today in Greater Binghamton. With the proceeds going to the Boys and Girls Club!


If you haven't done so yet, take a bite out of, Czech Pleeze.... Ceremoniously endorsed by Big Wally from the the Whale Morning Show!