As Steven Tyler once said...
'I'm back in the saddle again!'  Now we just gotta keep my butt in that saddle.

Big Wally Losers Club, listen up.... I stepped on the scale today and weighed in with a 4lb loss! Woot Woot!

I have to say that has helped me keep track of my weight loss goals, tremendously!  With the Mobil AP on my Ipad AND on my phone, I am able to keep track, up to the minute, of my calories consumed and my calories burned. It's 100% free, it works and it's amazingly EASY!

Here's another thing that has kept me on track. And this is your Easy Weight Loss tip of the week.  Oatmeal!

That's right. Good old Fashioned Oatmeal.

Here's something I was told a long time ago, that if you want to keep the fire burning, you have to throw another log on the fire. And Oatmeal does just that.

I know you were hoping to discover some new fangled, never before uttered, high tech idea?  But it's really simple. If you eat less throughout the day than your body burns, you will lose weight.  When  I eat a bowl of this basic food, I find that it fills me up, is good for me, AND I AM LESS LIKELY to overeat or eat the wrong foods latter in the day.


Fiber cannot be broken down by the body, and it takes a long time to pass through the intestines. In addition, fiber absorbs water as it passes through your system, which means it creates a feeling of fullness. Since fiber helps the body feel full, including in in the daily diet can help to curb hunger and binge eating. The goal is to get 25 to 35 g of fiber every day from a variety of sources, including fruits, vegetables and whole grains such as oatmeal.



How you prepare your oatmeal and what you add to it can influence your weight. Adding sugar and whole milk can  add 500 or more calories to your diet. Adding  fat-free milk or yogurt will add only 200 or fewer calories to your day.  And adding more flavor with fresh fruit will boost the fiber content and add taste while keeping the calorie content low in your oatmeal.

I'm weird by most people's standards. I eat plain Oatmeal, (not the quick oats or instant) and I flavor it with a little pepper.   A 3/4 cup portion is just 111 calories, it fills me up, rids the body of bad Cholesterol and helps me keep my eating in check so I don't go into a feeding frenzy later in the day.

That is my Easy Weight Loss tip of the Day. Is it too easy?  As my father used to say, keep it simple, stupid! It works for me and I think it may work for you too!