After spending time in Central Pennsylvania, the ball drop in New York City seems kind of boring! How can you beat the dropping of a stuffed goat in Falmouth, PA or even an Indy car in Carlisle, PA?

Some other interesting things dropped include:

A 100 pound illuminated marshmallow Peep in Bethlehem,a 10 foot Crayola Crayon in Easton, a Bottle of Yuengling beer in Pottsville, and my favorite; a large Bologna in Lebanon! Most cities in New York stick with some type of ball. Syracuse has an orange one.

Around the Country, they are as creative as the small towns in PA. Even more if you are talking Key West, Florida. They drop a large ruby slipped with a drag queen in it! No kidding! On the other side of town, it's a queen conch shell. Gainesville, Georgia drops "Chuck the Chicken" and Raleigh, North Carolina sends a large acorn down the rope.

I think we need to shake things up next year, so we are working on a special drop in Binghamton for New Year's Eve 2013! Yes, we have to wait a year, but these things take planning.

What should be dropped in the towns around the Southern Tier?