Well The NBA All Star break ends tonight with teams looking to step it up and make their playoff runs. One of those teams is my struggling NY Knicks who seem to say all the right things as they continue to lose games in bunches.

The trade deadline is this Thursday at 3pm and the Knicks have been perusing Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry; however with the Raptors in playoff contention why in the hell would he want to come to New York?

The latest rumor is New York’s interest in Atlanta Hawks guard Jeff Teague, but they would have to give up some players which may include Iman Shumpert or Tim Hardaway jr, and there is the issue of Teague’s contract, which has $32 million left on his 3 years, this would cut into the Knicks 2015 salary cap space.

In my opinion this is another band-aide on this incompetent organization. I do agree Felton is not getting it done as their point guard, but do they need another huge contract?

Hey lets face it, this is not a championship team, so why sign another multi million dollar contract?

Instant gratification equals another lost season, rebuild through the draft and add free agency with the millions they’ll save.