April is here and the regular NBA season wraps up this weekend and The New York Knicks will be cleaning out their lockers and leaving the garden with the sounds of booing in their ears.

How many times did Mike Woodson say at his post game news conferences ‘This could come back to bite us at the end of the season’ and despite going 14-7 the last month or two it was too little too late

The Knicks started the season with JR Smith suspended for 6 games, Tyson Chandler went down after the 3rd game. Amare’ was on limited minutes starting at only 10 minutes a game and injuries were a big part of it.

Tyson Chandler missed 40 games, Kenyon Martin missed 50 games, Andrea Bargnani missed 40 games, Ray Felton and Pablo Prigioni both have missed 16 games.

Did the team ever have a chance to create the chemistry needed to be the team they were on paper?

Will Carmello Anthony be a Knick next season?

Can Phil Jackson’s swan song bring New York their first championship in over 40 years?

Knicks fans will spend the next several months asking those questions.

I'm going fishing.