Over the past ten years the New York Knick’s have made horrific choices in their draft picks, trades, and acquisitions, here are my top 5

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#5- Isiah Thomas: (Read on and you might want me to put him at the top of the list) was signed as Knick GM to a 4 year contract for $24 million beans, I understand his resume’ included an NBA championship but his rap sheet with the Knicks was filled with signing overrated players and malcontents. Three of which are my top choices for the worst players signed.




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#4-Steve Francis: Another Isiah acquisition in 2006 when he traded Penny Hardaway and Trevor Ariza, he was plagued with injuries and to coin a familiar sports term ‘lackadaisical’ in 2007 he was traded to Portland with $30 Million left on his contract.






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#3- Stephon Marbury: Do I really have to say anymore? During the 05-06 season Marbury feuded with coach Larry Brown, many feel the clash between the two lead to Browns dismissal at the end of the season which lead to Isiah taking over as head coach.
Marbury’s antics continued into the next season this time battling with Thomas, the organization wanted to trade him but he still had (are you ready for this?) $42 million dollars left on his contract. His bad attitude and lack of performance had him benched.  Blah Blah Blah.. I heard he was playing in China, I feel bad for the Chinese.


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#2-Jerome James: Signed by who else?  Isiah Thomas for $30 million dollars over 5 years, in the 05-06 season he showed up out of shape and with an attitude as big as his undeserving contract, he averaged 3 points per game his first season and in the final 2 years with the Knicks he scored a total of 10 points.





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#1-Eddie Curry: The worst choice the Knicks ever made (aside from Isiah Thomas) who signed him in 2005 to a $60 million dollar extension, this 7 foot 285 pound oaf played in only 69 games in four season, hands down the biggest chair moistener the team ever had.





So complain about Carmello if you’d like, but he plays to win every game.