The 2013-14 NBA season officially ended with game 5 of the finals when the San Antonio Spurs defeated the Miami Heat in 104 to 87.

Personally I can’t stand either of these teams and I am sick of seeing them in the finals each year, but I will say that Tim Duncan is a great player and deserves to be a repeat champion.

Lebron James is a great player and he showed tremendous sportsmanship at the end of game 5 by congratulating the entire Spurs team including their coach.

Miami’s big 3 have some decisions to make by the end of the month regarding their contracts. The biggest question being what will Lebron do? I think he’ll stay.

D-Wade is at the end of his career with bad knees and about 40 million left on his contract so I don’t believe he’s going anywhere.

Chris Bosh? Who really cares? I don’t..

Look for OKC to do something, they have the second best player in the NBA in Kevin Durant.

My prediction for Carmello Anthony, he won’t be in a Knicks uniform next season. The question is where will he end up? Chicago? Philadelphia? Boston? maybe The Clippers? The next 30 days should tell all,so stay tuned