One of the questions regarding the NBA playoffs is, can Miami be stopped?

I guess a more appropriate question is can Lebron be stopped? The Brooklyn Nets haven’t found a way and it looks like the last hurdle to the finals will be the Indiana Pacers.

I don’t particularly like either team, but I would love to see the Pacers send the Heat packing, as someone from my past use to say ‘How does it feel to want?’

In the west you have the Spurs who just seem to be the team to beat every year, why is that? I like Tim Duncan but I am really sick of San Antonio too. Come on OKC; was there ever a professional team from Oklahoma that won any championship?

My NBA wish list for the finals would be Pacers and Thunder. The Clippers would be my second choice in the west.

Can we please have some different teams in the finals this year? I am really sick of that money team from South Beach.