The world is full of many wonders, the pyramids, Stonehenge, Roswell's  area 51 and for sports fans what is hell is up with the New York Knicks?
Here is a team that has played up and down to the competition all season giving their fans little glimpses of greatness. and then breaking their hearts.

It Looked like they were about to do it again, coming off a 7 game losing streak (13 out of the past 15 games) and losing soundly to some of the worst teams in the league, when all of a sudden they started playing very good basketball and have won three straight, putting them 3 and a half games back from the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

Is this reason for celebration?.. Not only no but hell no!

The question is will the Knicks make the playoffs? I highly doubt it, but until they're mathematically out of if, I can't rule out a miracle, so we'll wait and see.

They're at home tonight against a team that has lost something like 16 in a row, so the stage is set for another heart breaker.

So with all the Knicks fans have experienced with the team this season what will be the headline of my next Sports Rap? To be continued.....