I came in to work like I always do and checked the sports wire to get the latest scores, and I had to wipe my eyes as I looked at the final score of the Germany-Brazil semi final World Cup soccer match, then I looked again 7 to 1  WTH? I turned on ESPN and there it was, complete with commentary statements like, “Complete Embarrassment”  Total Annihilation” “Shah lacking”  the biggest blow out in soccer history between two of the games most elite soccer countries, and I missed it.

I sat through at least 3 or 4 matches rooting on our USA team, bored out of my skull from the lack of scoring, trying to figure out how they keep time, and what those red and yellow cards are for, that seem to totally piss off the players and coaches when ever an official takes one out of their pocket and shows it to them.

I read a lot of distasteful comments towards the German soccer team, most I would never even repeat, but the Germans played great and I think we owe them some respect.

Brazil was devastated, I was watching some of the highlights of grown men crying along with women and children in attendance, as they witnessed the German thrill of victory, and the Brazilian agony of defeat.

I will close this blog with a question.

Why the hell can’t they change the rules to make soccer as exciting as this game?

Check out the game highlights below